EXCLUSIVE: Getting medical cannabis prescriptions through UK customs

On 28th of October 2019 Medical Cannabis Network announced a journey into of a UK pharmacist bringing medical cannabis prescriptions into the UK.

The pharmacist in the Netherlands says it is a 24 hour turn around for medical cannabis prescriptions here. In the UK it can take anywhere between two weeks to three months. Is this good enough for suffering patients?#MedicalCannabis | #CannabisNews— Medical Cannabis Network (@MCN_Global) October 28, 2019


In a slightly unexpected turn of events, the pharmacist was able to fly to the Netherlands, return with all the correct documentation and avoid a seizure of medicine.

With all checks completed and documents accounted for the prescriptions made it through! A win for the patients. #MedicalCannabis | #CannabisNews— Medical Cannabis Network (@MCN_Global) October 28, 2019


We all know that the doctors are reluctant to prescribe Medical Cannabis unless a patient is at death’s doorstep.

Whilst this might be a win for one person, the country has a long way to go in accepting that the War on Drugs has been an attack on civil liberties whilst allowing authorities to abuse their position.