Wow. The Vapcap experiance & tips. via /r/uktrees

Wow. The Vapcap experiance & tips.

Hey guys, I Just wanted to share this because I can’t find anything that relates to it.

I’ve been using the vapcap 2019 m for the last year or so now and I just can’t believe how intense the high after mastering the recipe/technique. When I say intense I’m talking how I would feel after smoking a whole nights worth of blunts after just one full cap but strangely still have an incredible amount of energy.


I’ve chonged for a quite a while probably 12 years and serious for the last 8. When all this covid stuff started happening I was probably smoking 6-14 joints either tobacco and high grade hash/pollen or weed, I save the blunts for bed-timers and weekends and the tobacco was taking its toll on me through the day as I've been working from home and smoking out of boredom more than anything else.

26 I don’t drink and I have asthma although not bad but occasional use of a inhaler.

The Blend:

I’ve been really experimenting with the vapcap in the last week and wow my mind has been blown especially with Hash/Pollen. The Vapcap handles herb well especially on the quantity side of things but I think i've found where it really shines and that's a base layer of organic Japanese cotton hash broken up very small but not ground up I fill it up about three-quarters with hash then sprinkle over a little scoop or two of crystals from my grinder (this is optional but it really does help).

Heat Cycle & Pul:

Heat to the first click maybe a second or two after depending on your hash and using the hottest point of the flame at the bottom of the cap at a 45 degree angle pointing towards the mouthpiece. I prefer carb hole closed fill the piece and release the carb hole to inhale. ill let it cool completely and click before repeating this cycle. with good hash I'm getting 6-10 cycles before the vapour fades. (and I melt into the couch like mozzarella)

I can't put into words how much of a rocket man I turn into after just one full cap and I've pretty much done it all from bongs, dabs, carts, edibles ect… anyways this has made me completely pack the biff in and I now just have a 3/4 caps a day and I'm shweeeet.

I don't know wether it has something to do with my asthma and my body not interacting with the smoke as well as does with vapour but who knows this is a game changer. let me know if you have had a similar experience below.

Apologies in advance for the gramma long term lurker. Shit got me so high it inspired me to post.

The Setup:

Vapcap 2019 M

Fat mouthpiece

Hand Water Pipe – I didn't get the weird little attachment with mine

Male to female adapter

Prof Lighter


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