A message to the kids via /r/uktrees

A message to the kids

If you’ve just started smoking weed you’re not an expert. Not all weed looks the same, also, some people like budget weed for whatever reason that is. Maybe they can’t afford Cali every week, maybe that’s all they can access, maybe they’re tolerance is lower? Maybe they want to make it lower.

Sick of seeing, “thats shit weed” or “that’s not even weed”. I’m afraid there’s just no point in this negativity. Most of the community on this sub seems open, interested and interesting. However there are so many youngsters (I say this because as you age most people learn to stop being an arrogant cunt).

This isn’t “who has the best/greenest/crystaliest weed” It’s a community for people to share their own experiences with weed. Stop being a twat and comparing your first 10bag with everyone else’s gear. GTFOH

Ok rant over.

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