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My experience with

So, I bought a Puffco Peak and ball cap on 18/4 from these guys. £240 for both + NND which is a bargain in their 420 deals……..or so i thought.

Got the Puffco and put it on charge for about 4 hours, then used it for the rest of the day. I leave it on charge overnight. However, the Peak does not charge and and i find this out when the battery runs out. Put it on charge for 24 hours…….no luck, battery still dead.

I call EDIT, they say that their "returns" department are not working, because of covid, and that i should wait until that department returns to work. I argue the fact that if they are open for business and sending stuff out from the business, they can take and are obliged to take returns still but i yield and wait, calling them from time to time getting told the same thing over and over.

Come 10th of June-ish, they have taken their "Covid-19 returns policy" so i contact them again, just to get the same replies. Me being frustrated, writes a review on a well know review site. This seems to have awoken their returns team, and they reply to me on the review site and asks me to contact them so they can process a refund.

I speak to an employee on the phone. He tells me that another member of staff are dealing with the return and that they will send me a postage label for me to send the item back. It takes approx 4 days to get the address, plus i have to pay postage but they will refund me back.

I send the items back and monitor the tracking. 5 days later i receive an email saying Ive been refunded £212. Hold up! this is £28 short, plus short the £9 return postage. Called them and told them about their lack of rudimentary mathematics. They sent me an email for a refund for the return postage but have not updated the refund of which im still £28 short. No one of these refunds have hit my bank yet. I have called them today and i should receive a call back from the person dealing with my case today.

My advice would be to not buy anything electronic, glass and easily breakable items from these guys, even if it seems an absolute bargain.

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