Forever trying to counterattack stigma bud gets in the UK via /r/uktrees

Forever trying to counterattack stigma bud gets in the UK

Morning groovers. Just thought I’d type something that has been on my mind for a little while now. Won’t be too long don’t worry.

I used to be a raging alcoholic, seems to be something a lot of guys & gals have experienced on some sort of level. Maybe a glass of wine after work or a couple cans of Stella after a day grafting. I started like that but let it consume me and my everyday life. Drink after drink after drink … every god damn day from morning to night. I’m not saying this lightly, it was my life. I’m a rugby player so drinking at socials come hand in hand and downing vile concoctions become the norm. (This and the fact I used to run bars/clubs/restaurants for a living it became incredibly accessible) Now… Iv been arrested, ended up in hospital countless times, lost friendships & family relationships. All to being pissed up. Hey I even ended up “falling” off the main bridge in our city centre and getting fished out by the police after they thought I was trying to commit suicide, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I started a downing challenge with friends that went huge with all sorts of people getting involved. I was a mess and how I’m still alive I honestly don’t know. Now… I’m just giving you a little look at what alcohol did to me and surely does to a lot of people. But throughout all of this whilst it was happening I was encouraged to carry on. You know how it is… life of the party and all that. In fact, it was a running thing with one group of friends that they’d never seen me sip a drink before… any drink. So yep you guessed it… for the foreseeable I just downed anything in site. Nothing but laughs & encouragement. Crazy right? Watching your friend slowly killing themselves is deemed as absolutely fine and acceptable but LOOOOORD SPITE THIS MUFUKER DOWN FOR SMOKING A PLANT!!! The backlash I get for choosing to smoke bud instead of drink now is crazy. All I do now is juice like a crazy guy and head to the local woods with a couple J’s & my binoculars with the mrs. Happy as Larry keeping ourselves to ourselves. One with nature if you will. I suppose Iv rambled on a bit more than I wanted to and the long and short of all this really was just to put it out there that if ANYONE is struggling with alcohol in ANY way then please drop me a message 🙂 man I know how hard it is. It’s a disease, it’s pure evil when you have it bad. I’m the very last person to say stop drink completely because if I could then I’d love to be a social drinker (unfortunately if I have one I’m back to square one and will end up in a messy situation one way or another Iv learnt to accept this). Just know you’re not alone & you can make it work by just smoking bud. In all honesty I think this is me telling the world that marijuana saved my life You got this

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