Unpopular opinion but… via /r/uktrees

Unpopular opinion but…

I'd say 99% of people who say they don't like a certain strain only say they don't like it because it hasn't been grown well. It might not be your favorite, but to actively not like it is strange.

It's why a lot of people say they don't like Haze, Blues, Ammo etc. They're more widely known strains in the UK, so more people have had a go at growing them. This means there's a good chance someone who's inexperienced has grown / sold it, it's been grown like shit and thus the end product is awful.

If you get Stardawg done correctly, it'll knock you on your arse.

If you get Runtz done badly, it'll taste like shit and you won't enjoy it.

EDIT: Watching the upvoted % drop and rise is fun.

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