Obtained a prescription with The Medical Cannabis Clinics through Project Twenty21 via /r/uktrees

Obtained a prescription with The Medical Cannabis Clinics through Project Twenty21

Hi all, I posted a while back that I'd been accepted into the Project Twenty21 registry and would be seeing a doctor at TMCC soon. The doc went over my past medical history, asked about any past cannabis use which I was truthful about, asked about any harder drugs, physical and mental health history and any previous signs of paranoid or obsessive compulsive behaviour, one thing that's curious to me is the fact that if you have anxiety/PTSD/depression and chronic pain you can only treat one of the two (or more) via T21, at least with the soft launch at TMCC. Just something to be aware of.

The doctor said he could prescribe me a balanced ratio flower (I believe it to be Bediol from Bedrocan) but unfortunately supplies of that would not arrive for another month, so in the meantime he'll be prescribing me a high CBD:THC ratio oral/sublingual oil with 2% THC, I'm unsure as to the exact amount of CBD by volume which I was told that Dispensary Green (TMCC's medical cannabis dispensing pharmacy) would be able to give me the full details of the prescription once they receive it. All of the products approved for T21 are capped to £150 per item per month, with 30g supply for flower, unsure as to how they work it out for the oil.

Note for patients wanting to access T21: you have to self refer if a specialist won't refer you or you aren't under the care of one, if you're already on the registry all you need to do is contact a clinic requesting a consult and push that you're in T21, lest you accidentally get prescribed a non approved product and end up paying hundreds more.

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