Thank you for your glorious edibles advices via /r/uktrees

Thank you for your glorious edibles advices

I really don’t think advices is a word is it? Oh well. I’ve been reading through this sub as a new reader and newcomer to trees. Particularly, the edibles recipes and pictures.

Well, my fiancé and I finally returned to my hometown today to sort out some things before we move soon. I’ve missed home if I’m honest after being gone a decade. Anyway, I baked up some brownies with the decarbing and baking advice I’ve seen on here, so we wouldn’t get kicked out our hotel for smoking.

Man, this evening has turned out lovely. We ate them before heading out for a drink after a five hour drive. They hit us in 20 minutes; super unexpected. The walk back to the hotel was sublime and enlightening.

I’m sorry if this is rambling, I love you guys.

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