TIFU – letting my room mate take the lead via /r/uktrees

TIFU – letting my room mate take the lead

two years ago I started growing for personal use.

One of the best things I ever did. I grew enough for me and my flat mate with a little surplus (that would be smoke by guests) so it was sweet.

Then lockdown happened. I stayed working full time and my flatmate was sitting around at home with nothing to do. So he decided to take the lead on the grow.

He made some changes that I wouldn't have done, but he was excited and wanted to try new things and methods. And I supported it because im not a master grower or anything and, I'm still learning.

So I took a step back and let him fly. Haven't looked in the tent for weeks. Untill last night. Flat mate has gone away for a week, and im back at the helm. Were about 2/3 weeks from harvest.

Right away something doesn't look right. White pistons look frazzled and thick. Fan Leaves covered in white powder. Shit. Mildew. About to start some precision cutting to see how bad it is, it's not looking good after checking two areas on different sides of the tent, but what's this? Webbing?? Shit, mites. Check the plant from top to bottom.

Shit. Coverer from cola to soil.

Lesson learned. Keep a closer eye on the plants even when I'm not the lead.

Tldr : mildew and mite infestation on a plant very close to harvest. Let my flatmate fly to close to the sun unsupervised

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