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Hash drought coming to an end?

What do we reckon? This year the critical grade blocks have went from 400 to over 750 for a minute. finally seeing those numbers come back down to 600ish at the moment.

Cheap hash (polly/soap) hasnt even been circulating.. its probably not worth the Moroccans time to be shipping out cheap blocks right now.

Dont know if anybody on here smokes the filtered ice hash/eggs.. but ive noticed a significant drop in quality of the singles this month (higher grade commercial at best) definetly not the fire im used to at 10/15 a gram.

Ive been told that these changes were to get rid of winter stock as most farms havent been working since lockdown and that the new season hash should start coming to us at the end of July (nowish).

Lets all pray to the hash gods for things to get back to normal!

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