Are these standard prices? via /r/uktrees

Are these standard prices?

8th – 35

Q – 70

Half – 120

Oz – 220

Are the above prices too high?

The product is invariably very good quality. Recent strains included girl scout cookies and black cherry pie.

Gone to the same white guy for years now. Sound guy. Built up a mutual respect. Always been the same prices. Said plug some time ago initially claimed to pay 200 an oz (hence making only 20 when selling an oz to one person, which seemed a little odd) but later freudian slipped he pays only 160 an oz from his supplier (said he sold 10oz to one guy for 180 an oz, making 20 an oz). However, he has had cheaper stuff in the past he obviously pays less for but rarely bother with that as it's usually cheaper for a reason.

Anyway, I've seen people on here say they pay 180-200 a oz or as low as 160 in rare cases. Is that for stuff of a similar 'top shelf' quality?

Money isn't a massive issue but it's the principle that you don't wanna carry on paying more for something if you're possibly paying too much. Sadly, this guy is the only one who's reliable and won't try to rip you off with weight etc as he knows it gets immediately weighed and it helps being 6'4 and built so can't be intimidated but in the past found others will still try to rip you off with weight then lie/make excuses so naturally stayed loyal to the same guy.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

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