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Remembering you’re not infallible.

I made a batch of gummies on Friday with an 8th of bud, 5g of AVB and 1g of kief, 52 gummies in total. Hard to calculate the dosage but I estimated them to be around 20mg a piece. I foolishly tried to make them whilst finishing cooking dinner so kept having to split my attention between multiple things while I was trying to constantly stir the mixture and pour it into the moulds before it set.

A bunch of the mixture ended up getting a bit hard and stringy so I left it in the pan, let it dry out, scraped it out and weighed it before throwing it down the hatch. It was 25g of the mixture. I went about cooking my dinner and then when the gummies in moulds had set, I thought "hmm, I wonder how much one of these weigh" so I checked.

1.2g. I had just eaten the equivalent of 20 gummies.

Now these days I have a pretty high tolerance when it comes to both vaping and edibles, but I haven't taken a reeeally high dose of edibles for a long time, and if my calculations are correct then I'd just taken 400mg.

Needless to say, I was absolutely fucked. You know those highs where you're holding it together well and trying not to let on exactly how fucking twisted you are? I was basically glued to my sofa for 4 hours just trying to concentrate on the TV and pretend that my brain didn't feel like there was a glitch in the matrix.

Once I got in bed and turned the lights off it seemed like it wore off quite a bit, but the next morning I woke up feeling like I'd just smoked a fat blunt. I was feeling out of it for a good couple of hours, which never happens to me with weed anymore. I usually vape right before I go to bed and then get up at 6-7am with no issues, but I woke up from 11 hours sleep and was still toasted.

The moral of the story is…. Weed is fucking great. I love that I can take 10x my normal dose of a drug and the only repercussion is being unable to get my fat ass off the sofa all evening and then still feeling stoned the next day.

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