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Soap Bar Stories

I love hearing all the old soap bar stories on here (no disrespect to all the new school strain heads!) because old school rocky still has a real place in my heart. Post your soap bar stories below!

I used to believe that smoking the golden spray painted bits on Gold Seal got you more high (might be true)

I used to judge soap bar by the thickness of the plastic bits – big chunks of plastic were better than thin bits.

More than once I picked up flatty & it turned out to be more carbon than hash.

We once tried to break up a 9 bar in a shed, it was a brick of soap, man jumped on the knife, the bar exploded & we lost a good amount of it amongst the farm shed waste / animal shite. Some was found, much was lost, god knows what got sold in the end…. but we sold it, the rave was amazing, no one moaned.

Your turn! Let's hear your soap bar stories!

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