Medical cannabis in the UK is now more affordable than ever but not affordable to all. via /r/uktrees

Medical cannabis in the UK is now more affordable than ever but not affordable to all.

Firstly, I would first like to say that in a sense, this is advertising…so it is highly likely that it will be removed by mods.

Secondly, I would like to justify my first point by saying that I do not feel bad about 'advertising' this because we (Charity – Drug Science), and the companies we are working with, aren't actually making money out of this arrangement.

Drug Science has fought ferociously to bring the monthly cost of medication per product to £150 per calendar month. Products included on our formulary are designed for the patient’s usage to ensure that a month’s supply lasts a month. This is a dramatic decrease compared to what patients are currently paying in the UK and we are not profiteering from prescriptions made as a part of the project.

Access to medical cannabis in the NHS is currently limited to a few areas (severe treatment-resistant epilepsy, MS-related spasticity, and chemo-induced nausea and vomiting). Drug Science understands that cannabis is used for a much larger range of health issues. In order to engage with patients suffering from the named indications of the project (anxiety, chronic pain etc.…) we must involve the private sector, as this is where medical cannabis can be prescribed off-license under specialist clinician supervision.

With all that said, if you are self-medicating with cannabis and fit the eligibility criteria. Please check out the project as the results will be used to build a case to the NHS to argue that Medical Cannabis should be included on the NHS expanding access to all that could benefit from this medicine.

Peace and Love
Check out the project here ->

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