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My very occasional smoking problem

Hi all,

I've been smoking weed for about 15 years, not a particularly heavy user though. Throughout the entire time, I've occasionally had an issue that occurs every few months when I smoke sometimes.

I've had a full whitey before, but this is like a sort of mini-whitey. I'll feel a bit weak and I'll feel my face draining of colour like for a whitey, then I'll throw up after a little while. But unlike a proper whitey, I'll just throw up once then feel fine again, I won't lose consciousness, I won't collapse or faint or anything, I'll feel like shit for about 10 minutes, throw up once, then feel fine again.

The thing is, I don't have to smoke a lot of weed for this to happen. A whitey would happen when you smoke too much weed too quickly, but this can happen after I've shared one joint with my mate as we're wandering around the park. I've been smoking weed for quite a while so my tolerance is pretty good, most of the time I can smoke and smoke and smoke and never come close to having any negative effects whatsoever. But then occasionally as little as half a joint can give me this mini-whitey effect.

Has anyone else ever had this or know what it might be/how to stop it?

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