Trying weed through a dry vape for a first time via /r/uktrees

Trying weed through a dry vape for a first time

So I’m a 31 year old guy who’s never tried weed, or any other illicit drug for that matter, and I’ve just my hands on 3.5g of ‘Candyland’ that I can’t wait to try. As a complete non smoker, and not being too fond of the overpowering smell of someone smoking weed, I decided to buy the Nebula One dry herb vape.

I’ve watched tutorials on how to use the Nebula One vape which seem fine, however I’m still uncertain on how to actually use it with weed. So a few questions

  1. The weed is in ‘buds’, so I’m guessing it needs grinding for best results? I don’t have a grinder, can I just do it my hand for now?
  2. How much should I use for a first time, shared between me and my girlfriend? Thinking 0.1g?
  3. Stupid question but…how many vapes/puff should i do and how frequently? Lol

Thanks guys

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