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Almost getting caught by police

So today I me and my friend decided to go smoke a joint over our local duck pond now this pond is pretty massive it’s more of a open park than just a duck pond and it’s usually pretty quiet especially in the week days so me and my friend roll up smoke and then decided to do one more just as we finish smoking a police car pulls into the pond area in front of us at the bottom of the hill we are sitting in and we get a little bit weary of them as one officer gets out and starts walking up the hill we get up and walk away from him down the hill to the ponds back entrance and they police car pulls around in front of us and the police officer gets out and asks us what we’ve been doing I said just having a few drinks and she gives us this talk about how this is a local spot that 17-18 year olds like us smoke so at this point I have about 5g of weed in my bag as well as a grinder so as you can imagine I’m shitting my self, the officer then asks have we ever smoked cannabis my mate instantly says no and I say I have before yes by this point the other officer who got out the other side of the hill is by us she then says we I cannot legally search you as I can’t smell anything or see that you have visibly had anything. The whole time all I could think was how stupid that If they could smell it I could have had a criminal record just for having a nice day out with my mate and it could effect me getting a job for the rest of my life ever tho I effect no one the worst thing that I did to someone else is maybe they caught a wiff of it. Moral of the story lads ALWAYS invest in a air tight storage jar to put your grinder and weed in

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