Top tips you wish you knew when you started smoking. via /r/uktrees

Top tips you wish you knew when you started smoking.

OK I'll give you a few and if you want to share any here for younger or newer smokers be helpful.

  1. freeze your grinder once in a while to keep it clean and collect a load of crystals.

  2. dish washer tabs are a great way to clean a bong no need for expensive cleaners just one and boiling hot water and it will look new again

  3. a toothbrush or similar (I use the small brush from a shaving kit) is great for cleaning threads on your grinder

  4. trust me you do smell of weed

  5. a clipper lighter is the best lighter it comes with a wee poker and anyone who disagrees is simply wrong.

  6. you pass to the left

  7. if you are sharing a bong clear it before you pass it nobody want your stale smoke

  8. learn to grow you will thank yourself

  9. you can always reheat a dab but you can't get one back you blasted away cos it was too hot

  10. smile

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