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Small outdoor grow raided… what now?

We got some seeds in a couple of Oz back in Feb and when lockdown hit we decided we’d see if we could grow from them. We had 7 plants in total, all grown almost entirely outdoors, and we’d done some low stress training on the advice of our pal. They’d started to stretch but nowhere near budding yet. Bonkers really given we live in a red brick mid-terrace with one of the most overlooked gardens you could imagine, but hey?!

All was rosy until this morning when four police officers rocked up at the front door. We have no other grow equipment (as I say, it was a bit of an experiment and all outdoor), so I think they were a bit bewildered to only find the plants and about 1/2 an Oz if weed. To be fair to them they were very sensitive about it all, emptying my stash into evidence bags and leaving my grinder – they even cut the plants down and put them in bin liners to take them out of the garden so the neighbours didn’t see.

Anyway, I was arrested (my partner was at work), and we’re both going to need to be interviewed next week. The PC said it’d be up to the Sergeant to make a call about whether to take it further once he’s written up the case report.

I’m interested in hearing others’ experiences of similar situations and how they turned out? It makes me so mad that growing for personal use is still illegal, and I realise others will be embarking on more industrious projects, but if you have experience of this and can offer any insight into what we can expect to happen next I’d be massively grateful 💚

TL;DR: caught outdoor/natural growing 7 plants at home (nothing else anywhere in the house), was arrested, what happens now?

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