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Tolerance breaks and the ultimate coping mechanism

So I found a great way to get a little buzz during my long dark lonely tolerance break…

Ladies and Gentleman I present to you… The Daily Mail Comments section.

It's perfect, you only need to read the headline to form your comment. But it's a fine art, you need to be able to take the piss or give your fellow subversives a little giggle without actually being overtly insulting or aggressive.

Example no. 1

Headline: Boris Johnson FINALLY breaks cover: The Mail tracks down holidaying PM

My Comment: It seems to be a good political strategy in the short term. It worked in the general election, It's working for trump, it worked for Shaun of the dead. It's the political equivalent of popping down the Winchester and waiting for things to all blow over. The zombies eventually start to notice though.

Example no. 2

Headline: Headmasters could appeal GCSE results for being TOO GENEROUS

My Comment: Back in the 90's when I was kid we used to have a creep old crusty communist hash dealer that would frequently stress the importance of getting a good education. He would say "Tory dogma says they only need 3% of the population educated passed secondary school level to run their version of a successful economy". I forget what my point is… Don't smoke hash in your teens? It leads to memory problems and kills your attention span in later life…

You get the idea. Keep it highbrow (no pun intended) Don't concern yourself with getting likes, you wouldn't believe some of the hack comments that get 100's of likes, dislike are a badge of honour. The goal is nothing more than to give yourself a little giggle and get on with your day.

*this post is dedicated to u/Felix_h12 in regards to his/her post asking for more diverse content on this sub

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