For two years my only option was terrible quality and £10 per gram. via /r/uktrees

For two years my only option was terrible quality and £10 per gram.

So for some background I'm the wrong side of 25 and I've been smoking for just over a decade.

Before I settled down with my wife and child I smoked a fair bit, somewhere between an ounce or two a month, never before or during work, but if I wasn't working I was always smoking, and I had plenty of choices all at reasonable prices from multiple sources, ranging from the regular drops of high quality ounces, to the back up guys doing average quality little bits.

In recent years as my son has got older I've cut right down, I've transitioned to smoking as more of a weekend treat or on occasions.

So as I've also got older my contact list has got smaller, numbers that don't work anymore or just people moving on to other things. This combined with friends settling down and no longer smoking has caused some difficulty to try and gain better contacts again, resulting in the last couple of years.

Two years of only having one supplier is absolutely bullshit, he's a pretty decent bloke, always polite and he's always available, in two years he's let me down once due to a family meltdown he had, so I can't complain about that, but the thing is I don't drive all the way to his house for the experience and customer service, and I certainly don't go there for a terrible coffee in a reasonably clean mug, I go because I want to buy weed and stay up late playing the xbox like I'm 15 again, so once the pleasantries are over I can finally get what I went for, a little bag of below average quality weed sold at £10 per gram, no deals, no movement, no mates rates and no loyalty card, just £10 a gram of shit weed, lovely.

However, I've finally done it, after two years of searching, asking and generally keeping an eye out I've actually found exactly what I've been looking for, got this new supplier, 3.5's for £25. I haven't bothered asking what it is, and I'm not going to, having been told so many lies over the years unless I'm talking to the grower or reading a menu in amsterdam then I'm not asking, bottom line is that this is far better than what my usual ever gets, the price is a lot better and I can get there, collect and get home quicker.

Now I'm off to roll a large one and take my dog for a walk.

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