PSA: We have hit 40k members, a warm welcome to you all with some important reading

Hello once again and yes, we have reached 40k members! That’s 10k people in just over 6 months no doubt thanks to lockdown, a big welcome to all the new guys and girls, pull up a pew, it’s your turn to roll next.Don’t forget to have a read of the rules and check out the sidebar and while you’re at it, pop in to Discord and say hello, we don’t bite!I’m not going to waffle on too long about the do’s and don’ts but just press home the point that there is to be absolutely no sourcing here, don’t ask where people got it from, it doesn’t matter because you we can’t let you discuss it, we don’t do this to be dicks despite what you may think, we do this to protect the forum from a) scammers b) being deleted from reddit altogether as we cannot be seen as any kind of source of information of this nature.On the note of scammers, if you do get someone message you then please do not make a post about it, just take a screenshot, upload it to your favourite image hosting site (imgur imgbb etc) and then send a message to the moderators with the link so that we have proof. We cannot just take people’s word for it, there have been occasions where scammers themselves have been trying to legitimise themselves by “reporting” other people. Provide proof and we can swiftly take action, simple. If you choose to ignore our warnings and take up one of these people, then that’s on you, don’t come crying to us when you’re out of pocket and remember, mod abuse is absolutely not tolerated.Those links again:DiscordRulesSidebarSession SafetyThe Other stickyAnyway, it’s good to see new people and to everyone else, thanks for your content and sticking to the rules, lets keep the positive vibes going, one love to all and toke on ✌️- Mr.P & The UKTrees Mod Team via /r/uktrees

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