Smoked my homegrown and staved off a panic attack.

So I fully quit smoking because of panic attacks a year ago. They were ruthless. I grew some weed in my garden and been dying to try it. Lastnight I thought fuck it, took like 4 drags of a joint. Sure enough the anxiety came on, shaking and shit, but for some reason I was able to just keep playing pubg and sit through it. Like the shaking the heart going the conscious breathing the bad thoughts, somehow I was just able to allow it for like 30 mins without reacting too much. I smoked another 4 drags after like an hour, chilled the fuck out and watched some joe rogan. Massive accomplishment and I’ll be trying again tonight. People might laugh, lol 4 drags, unless you have had weed panic you wont understand. via /r/uktrees