The fake thc juice pandemic

I’ve been seeing so many people asking about it recently and I’m growing more and more concerned each day.I’m not one to care about other peoples business usually, but I have ONE ‘thc e-juice’ plug on Snapchat and the amount of orders he is posting out on a daily basis is fucking alarming.All of these bottles of SYNTHETICS going to fucking high school kids not knowing any better?I bought a bottle of ‘pure’ from him a month ago. £40 for 10ml. I knew what signs to look out for and the only thing he got right was the colour, other than that there’s no weed smell, it’s very watery also.I feel like we need to help make people more aware of this as no one seems to talk about it unless some kids sending a pic of some blue ‘thc’ juice that he’s already been vaping for weeks.Sorry for the rant let’s see if anyone cares via /r/uktrees