Do you think with the covid crisis that it could speed up the legalisation of weed in the UK?

So I just wanted to start a discussion regarding what people think of the idea that the UK government could be looking for a ‘quick fix’ to help the economy stabilize with the legalisation of weed. Experts have said it could bring in about £3 billion of taxeable revenue which would help out the economy greatly. Do you think there could be anyway that members of the genral public could comprise a document that outlined all of the benifits and some of the negitive effects of this legalisation with the research that has already been made to convice the members of parliment to go though with it. With the document would be another petition where people could look over the document and then decide if they would like to sign the petition. Again this is just to start a discussion and if you think that its a stupid idea thats completely fine but i just wanted to get peoples opinions on this and maybe start the ball rolling and maybe to get something done if people think its a good idea. P.S if theres any spelling mistakes in this post just tell me and i will correct them as i have dyslexia. via /r/uktrees