Great night for US drug reforms.

It looks like the real winner in last nights US elections was cannabis. New Jersey, South Dakota and Arizona voted yes on legalising, with South Dakota also legalising medical use. Mississippi legalised just medical use.I’ve see repeated calls for New York to legalise and I wonder how much of an effect neighboring state NJ being legal will have on NY ?The state of Oregon voted to decriminalise all drugs, meaning possession of small amounts of even Class A drug will result in a fine. It’s not exactly Portugal, but a huge step forward. Lets hope these new legal states will start expunging criminal records for past convictions!If the Democrats win, they have said they’d decriminalise cannabis. I’ve always said the best hope the UK has for reform/legalising is for reforms in the US.Canada is fully legal, Mexico “said” to be legalising by December and now what, 14 states and DC fully legal and some 30+ states with medical use, means cannabis is never going to go away and maybe we’ll have to have the reform talk here soon … via /r/uktrees