Is it the vape life for me?

Hi all. I’m glad I found you.Bit of backstory – weed smoker half my life now (I’m 31). Very much enjoy it. Joint woman through and through – never really taken to anything else. However this year I became a mum (it’s bloody wonderful) and moved to your standard “British new build estate which is very nice but my Christ people it’s not a gated community stop the curtain twitching”.So I’ve got a problem. Pre baby, pre house I lived in a student area of my city with my partner. I smoked in the spare room or out the back. No one really cared. One police caution just down to bad luck really and nothing more other than one or two slamming of windows over the years. Here it’s different. People literally go mental on our Facebook group if you park slightly on the pavement or a rouge crisp packet flies out a bin. With that in mind I’m uncomfortable smoking in the garden. Doubly paranoid because I’m out and about with baby during the day and you know how people get about drugs + kids (of course they wouldn’t give a shit if I fell out a taxi at 3am drunk as hell but I don’t need to explain that here)I usually walk into a field by my house to smoke but it’s really dark at night now and I don’t think most people man or woman fancy going into a dark field at night. So would a vape be a good option for me? I’m literally a post baby in bed then pre my own bed smoker. Interested in how much the smell is masked and just in general how the high compares to joints. Being a smoker for such a long time I very much get just a warm, few glasses of wine and relax feeling from a joint. via /r/uktrees