Legalisation referendum

I’m about tired of the constant petitions failing with the UK government giving the same tag line that Cannabis is detrimental and they have no plans to legalise it any day soon.Is there any folks (silly question) who would be keen on starting a movement involving a referendum vote on the matter of Weed legalisation.I’m talking about a proper dedicated website to pushing for a referendum. We need to make this nationwide through all 650 constituencies and make our views known to all our local MPs representing us.Setup a domain for weedreferendumUKHave an email template where we can each fire off emails constantly to our MPs.Share far and wide on social mediaLet your local newspaper know you are a part of this movement and get them involved in covering our plightBasically keep the matter on the table for everyone to see for as long as possible.It is not OK that mothers are “committing crimes” in the search for treatment for their kidsIt is not OK that normal citizens can’t self medicate without criminalising themselves in doing so.It’s not OK that we are missing out on a huge industry with many jobs on offer especially in todays economy.We’ve tried and tried with little success but I honestly believe a focused effort on a referendum is the way to go.And if 51% of the country disagree… Then so be it. But at least we get our democratic right to decide as a nation.Come at me with your reasons why this is not gonna work or what you want to bring to the table.Watching all these yanks has got me fired up 🦅🔥🔥Peace. via /r/uktrees