Israel announces plan to legalize cannabis within 9 months.

Israel has announced a plan to fully legalise cannabis. Israeli Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn, said a┬álegal a bill will be presented at end of November and go to Knesset in December for an initial vote.The law would be similar to Canada. Stores will sell to those over 21. No homegrows without a licence, but that could change and a ban on edibles that resemble candy. Pricing will be reasonable to fight the blackmarket.Unlike the UK, cannabis reforms seem to have widespread support in Israel. They have allowed medical use since the 1990s, and now have over 70,000 medical users. An estimated 27% of Israeli adults use cannabis there. They are also seeking to become a main producer and exporter of cannabis. The UK being one of those countries now allowing Israeli imports.This could have a big effect on reforms in the US, the UN and the UK. It’s another country that we will be able to point to for real data and real evidence to fight against the piss poor copy and paste response we always get from the government.(other reforms – Argentina to allow medical users to grow their own and Texas Senator files bill to legalise. More dominoes falling) via /r/uktrees