Why is cannabis so colorful?

A big part of the appeal to cannabis is the variety you can get from each cannabis plant. From being short and bushy to tall and lanky and colours ranging from green to purple there is something for everyone when it comes to the cannabis plant.Colourful CannabisWhile most strains of cannabis plants tend to grow with clear green colour to them as they progress along the life cycle many other colours can be seen – this could be anything from different shades of green from light to dark all the way to a cannabis plant showing purple and red colours which will mainly show in the buds and the leaves.It is not only the genetics of the cannabis plants that determine the colour the buds and leaves will turn out as the temperature, nutrient levels, alkalinity or acidity levels and even the soil and quality of light can play a major part in how the colours turn out in each cannabis plant.Different cannabis coloursGreen:The most predominant colour in most cannabis plants is green – this is thanks to the presence of chlorophyll (the pigment that absorbs sunlight) to encourage the process of photosynthesis. Through this the cannabis plants combine water & Co2 to create sugars to help with biological functions. Sometimes plants will have so much chlorophyll that the green colour will mask over any other colours trying to present themselves until temperature or season changes that will force more colours to appear – this is something that can be seen in regular trees during a change in season when the leaves start to change colour as they fall.Purple, Red ,Pink, Blue & BlackWhen a cannabis plant has strong hints of purple or blue this generally means the plant has a high amount of the chemical anthocyanins. There are more than 500 anthocyanins that have been discovered and range from red to purple to blue, a lot of this is dependant on the PH levels in the cannabis plant. The reason you will see this more in adult cannabis plants is because anthocyanins typically dont show in the plant until later in its life cycle.Cannabis plants which show more of a purple colour are very popular all over the world – Grand Daddy Purple & Purple Haze are two examples of this. With purple it is a mix of the anthocyanins and the temperature in which it is grown in.Blue & BlackAs well as purple, cannabis plants with even higher levels of anthocyanins can show to be more like a blue or even at times seem to be black.Pink & RedRed and pink are probably the least likely colours you will see but some cannabis plants have been specially developed to make these colours more prominent.WhiteWhen a cannabis plant is grown and harvested to its maximum potential it can be so covered in trichomes it may appear to be white or more commonly referred to as “frosty”.When cannabis plants have more trichomes generally they will be stronger and more potent making them more desirable for cannabis users – some examples of these strains are White Widow & White Rhino as they are usually nice and “frosty” by the time it comes to harvesting.Colours and potencyAlthough the colour of each cannabis plant can’t really tell you much about the potency of the plant (apart from white) when you are smoking it, if you are using cannabis for tinctures or edibles it can help you find which plant is going to give you the nutritional benefits you may be after. via /r/uktrees https://ift.tt/38FJGQ0