Word of warning

Hi all.I hope this is OK to post. I want to make it clear I won’t be posting any names and would ask no such references are made in this thread.I was one of those casual users that had his source dry up. It happens. Going through some stuff in life and decided to dive back in.Took some advice from people who I am sure gave it with the best intentions.Essentially I tried to acquire the Devils lettuce from a well known social media platform.I thought I had done my due diligence. Spoke to the person for a couple days. Had a lot in common. We shared some shit about DMT experiences. Real good rapport.I decide to show a little trust and order.You guessed it, I got smoked!I am now a significant amount of money down and whilst I am sure there are legit people on there, if you’re new to all this…..Some of these people are sharks!I hope my experience gives you pause for thought before going down this route. via /r/uktrees https://ift.tt/32Z9OSb