It is time to get active.

Now is the time to make our push. Not tomorrow, now.There has been a lot of what I would call “passive” pushes at legalisation, and I’m guilty of it too. Petitions, coming together in groups to discuss things we can do, but we are past the point of discussion.For a start, I will be emailing the Guardian and my local newspaper with a story suggestion, the point of which will be to try and reduce the stigma and demonisation, not so much to try and get people to vote in favour (yet). This is because if it goes to vote next year, which isn’t off the table, a lot of people will vote no because of the government’s demonisation.Then I will be sending a lengthy email to my MP, stating:• The hypocrisy that for all these years the UK public has been denied both medical and recreational cannabis, whilst the UK has been the world’s largest exporter. I will also point out that allowing the public to grow their own (and possibly sell back to government like what Thailand is planning) will have no impact of the government’s export of cannabis.• The fact that the UK is in dire need of more jobs, especially low skilled ones. The number of people on benefits schemes is the highest it’s ever been, and the introduction of a cannabis market will give jobs to thousands of people.• The police hours it will save. Right now, the things that need enforcing are getting no attention, such as people breaking lockdown rules, sale of hard drugs, the immigration crisis etc whilst pensioners growing a couple plants for their arthritis are getting raided.• The extra billions per year it will generate. Whilst this is the weakest argument in a world of hundreds of billions of pounds, an extra few billion per year for the NHS would definitely help. Even more money will be saved on police and court hours.• The reduction in the black market. Whilst the government don’t particularly care about the safety of the people, the money would be going to the government, rather than the criminals. Users getting quality product is a nice side effect.If you have any other discussion points, please leave them below and feel free to use any points I’ve listed. I encourage you all to email your local newspapers, MPs and anyone who will listen.Remember, it is time to act now. We are tired of prohibition. via /r/uktrees