Legalise weed in the UK – Committee idea!

Hey everyone,Just throwing out an idea here to see if anyone would be interested in getting a group together.Obviously, the laws in the UK need to change with cannabis, even though medical cannabis has now been legal for over 2 years, hardly anyone can access it and the people I have spoken too who have been able to get hold of certain things (oils and flowers) have had to go through private companies and it costs thousands of pounds.We have been thinking about getting a group together that meets (initially over Zoom due to covid) and discuss what we can do to help move things in the right direction.There have been lots of great work and support when it comes to petitions but the government shoots them down every time!We haven’t got much of a plan here yet just putting out a feeler to see if people would be open to the idea of meeting and discussing this stuff to see if we can begin to create a plan that will raise more awareness and push this forward.Would love to hear ideas and suggestions – if you are interested please dm your details and I will send out an email to everyone with details of the first meeting!!Thanks everyone and cant wait to here your thoughts and opinions!(Not sure if trying to arrange something outside of the subreddit goes against any rules so if it does I apologise in advance and will try to think of something else!) via /r/uktrees