Hey guys, I’ve been to The Netherlands coming up 10 times, Corona ruined my travels this year haha. Not advocating just wondering what’s you guys opinion, would domestic flights from countries with legal weed really bother over something like 10g hash or would It be more trouble than it’s worth

On a trip last year one of my friends brought more hash then he could smoke and wasn’t going to dump it. The night before an early flight he had 14gs of 10 different strains that he probably paid about €150 for and we all had our own to finish so couldn’t help him he was just panicking and trying to come up with a fool proof plan haha he wasn’t ditching it for anything he was willing to risk it all for his hash😂He managed to smoke 3grams before time for airport and customs bad effort. After a night of hard smuggling planning in the end it came down to him hitting all the baggies together and flattening them with a frying pan and putting in his shoe under the sole.Us lads were probably on a bit of a watch as we look like the type to try it but him especially for someone trying to smuggle just walked into customs like a drug dealer and what do you know he gets pulled into secondary at Gatwick(he made The Netherlands airport no problems)I acted like I wasn’t with him cause I was through so got round a few corners and looked back see my other friend pointing round into secondary mouthing we’re fucked. I was like nah mate I passed I’m home I’m not getting nicked now let’s go then like a miracle our smuggler friend walked round the corner…11gs in shoe not detected by first scans then I saw him pulled to secondary and from what he and my other friend watching said he just sung to them while they searched his stuff properly.He walked out of Gatwick with 11gs in his shoe and pulled secondary how tf is that possible guys ???My theory is people with personal amounts on domestic flights are not worth holding up the whole airport or something like that as surely drugs in shoes have been done a million times so is looked at on scans… either way don’t smuggle this guy got some kind of extra life some how via /r/uktrees https://ift.tt/3fhLWOw