To the growers mass producing dawgs perfectly (seriously some great UK stuff about) could you please maybe mix in some other strains. Yous have talent.

I don’t mind mass production of buds at all, especially since it’s usually so fire. I just wish these massive (I assume they have to be massive lol) grows had a little bit of variety.Like surely you could just do 1/2-3/4 of dawg and then mix in like 3 other strains (my vote is cheese for nostalgia, something with fruity terps and maybe something more indica dom)I just don’t like stardawgs terps, I vape mainly and when I have dawg I smoke it to avoid the taste as much as possible. And no I don’t mean guava dawg for the fruity one.I’m not saying we don’t have great buds in England, just that some of the best looking/strongest UK normal priced street bud is dawg.TLDR if you can mass produce dawg so well, why do they not diversify the strain. via /r/uktrees