What actually is weed culture to you in the UK? via /r/uktrees

What actually is weed culture to you in the UK?

Aight stoners,

Obviously weed and smoking bud is talked about all over the US, probably because it legal in certain states and loads of American celebrities are open about their usage with weed. Of course it's much more low key over here as it's illegal, not like it stops anyone, but as not many people do it compared to the states.

For me personally, was a weed virgin until Uni, and became a stoner from here basically, when uni is on, me and my boys would get together, share doobs, wack some tunes on, have some weird discussion, maybe wack a film on. My parents are against it so I keep it hidden from them, and I am pretty reserved about it in general because the average non user still proabably thinks it's nitty.

But I am interested to know what other people in the U.K percieve weed culture to be like over here?

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