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Drug driving information and discussion

Drug driving has seemed to have affected a lot of people in this group who smoke weed, everyday, often or even occasionally. So basically all of us! This is why I’m writing this here to help people who are paranoid about being stopped and swabbed, people who are awaiting blood test results( which includes me) or people who have passed or failed their blood tests.

Firstly I would like to provide information about the law in the UK. If you are pulled over by the police and they have a suspicion that you have been drug driving they can ask you to do a drug side road test. This is a handheld testing kit what swabs ur salvia in your mouth and tests for the amount of THC content in it. This will take about 8 minutes to know the results. This will be done most of the time in the back on a police car. If you pass that’s it, if not you’ll b arrested and taken to the police station where the second phase takes place. This is the blood test, where a nurse at the police station will take a sample of blood from you which is divided into two, one for you to keep and another for them to send to a laboratory. This is where they will check in a more accurate way theTHC content in your blood. The legal limit for THC is 2µg/L. This is incredibly small amount, the smallest compared to any other illegal drug. You will found out the results of these tests most of the time through the post however it is good to note, some people have had phone calls and others have never received anything!

Best tips and advice for fellow smokers to not get caught or pulled over is… Never drive around with any weed paraphernalia, this means grinder, skins, roach etc. Anything what will give the police an indication that you smoke. Picking up weed should be done on foot but if this isn’t reasonable then you should follow precaution. If your picking up make sure you leave your car a few blocks away from where your meeting your plug, this is to make sure no one writes down your number plate and reports you. Also when storing the weed in your car make sure it’s smell proof and in a hidden location. Lastly an obvious point but don’t do drop offs etc as this will most of the time make you a target quickly.

Now there are some misconceptions what I see a lot of people talk about and give different views on. Firstly is when you’ll be safe to drive. For me I still tested positive on the swab test about 17 hours after I had smoked and I smoked around that time about 3/4 times a week. If your a daily smoker that means you smoke everyday, multiple times a day sadly, you’ll probably always be in the hot and fail. But that’s why you make sure you give them no indication that you smoke. However, for the rest of us it will depend on the amount you smoke, the strain and even your metabolism. But I would say in 95% of the time you’ll be fine after 3 days of not smoking. Another misconception is the duration of the blood test results. I’ve heard a lot of people say that after 6 months since your arrest and, if you haven’t heard anything your in the clear! This is a point I still don’t fully know the answer to as many people have different views on this. However,I do believe people could be getting confused with the law that requires the police to inform the court within 6 months if they are taking any further action. I’ve spoken to a lot of people on this topic and someone recently has come up with a good suggestion. If you haven’t heard anything past 6 months, DONT contact the police but instead contact your local court and ask them if your name is on the waiting list. If it’s not your in the clear , if it is you’ll be getting a court summons soon.

I hope this helps some people understand the law better and help people to be more careful which hopefully will result in less arrests. I’m currently 24 weeks into mine and I haven’t heard a thing. Anyways best of luck to you all in the future and if I’ve made any mistake or anyone has anything else to add just drop it in the comments below.

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