Imminent drug driving ban!

Hi all,I was hoping for some advice if anyone has been through this before or knows about the procedures and can help please..I was stopped in April on an quiet A road in west Wales during lockdown (police Covid check point) to establish my reason for travel, I was travelling for a week of woodland work, so all good there, but the officer accused me of smelling…like cannabis… swab was taken, then arrested and taken to the station for a blood test. My van, dog and tools left at roadside and later delivered to the station by another officer. I gave blood, prints, photos etc and then was released under investigation while we awaited the blood results. Whole thing took about 1.5hrs, the arresting officer said he could see I was not impaired and safe to drive and I was allowed to drive on to my destination 15 miles further.5 months and 2 weeks later I get a letter (notice of criminal charge) telling me to attend a magistrates court in 10 days time! (now 1 weeks time) I am charged with driving with illegal levels of THC in my blood. 7.7ug/L to be precise. The legal limit is 2ug/L! Seems to be set at a ridiculously low level. Mandatory 1 year ban, maybe 15 months or more. So from smoking a bit of weed the night before I am going to lose my driving licence, get a criminal record (possibly prison sentence for having a high reading I read?!) have to pay a fine and huge future insurance premiums. Resulting mention just the worst.. me, realistically, not being able to carry on my business/my job (tree work), my employees losing their work, my partner and I will have to stop renting our place and find somewhere cheaper to live.My questions:Should there not be a police interview before any court procedures?Is it worth getting a solicitor if I am going to plead guilty? (bang to rights I suppose with a high blood test)(pleading not guilty, i.e paying a lawyer to try to find fault in the police procedure or test analysis, seems like an expensive, risky and mostly losing game from what I have read on other threads).Is it at the first magistrates court hearing that I could be told I have lost my licence then and there?!Is it possible to get a delayed driving ban? I.e. 6months or so to allow me to pack down my business.. finish current contracts & move/sell my machinery, tools, huge stacks of firewood etc (all on rented land). And move house! All very hard to to if I lose my driving licence next week! 10 days notice!Anyone like to guess from previous experience what my disqualification period will be? I have no previous convictions or motor offences. I was driving on my own on quiet roads, good conditions and the police said I was safe to drive home. I am a good guy and regret getting behind the wheel with THC in my blood..Thanks in advance,Alf. via /r/uktrees

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