Seed Our Future Campaign MUST READ

Hi everyone, hope your all doing well.I see posts almost daily regarding the issue of legalisation in this country/the UK, and quite rightly so. So I’m writing this post in hopes to bring attention to the Seed Our Future Campaign. Long story short they’ve picked apart the law with a fine-tooth comb highlighting all of the flaws surrounding cannabis prohibition and have produced a document called ‘No evidence, No crime’ to record and display all of their findings. There have already been numerous incidents across the UK which have stopped the police dead in their tracks, all by using this document and having the knowledge to do so and actually challenging their charges, along with numerous people also using this document as their defense currently battling convictions and are doing/have done very well so far. This isn’t some conspiracy theory waffle and this isn’t some ‘sign this petition’ bullshit, this is an actual weapon we have at our disposal that’s already been used with success across the UK. There are 40,000 people on this subreddit, the campaign is already working wonders with less than 2000 people in the facebook group, imagine 40,000 more cannabis users with this knowledge and getting involved? There’s far too much to summarise in a single Reddit post and my words alone really can’t do justice in describing how much of a powerful weapon this is but here is a short summary from one of the top boys involved in the Seed Our Future Campaign.From the 1925 opium convention to the 1955 WHO report to the Nixon white house through to the 1988 UN convention against illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances this document highlights the lack of ANY foundational evidence to the scheduling of cannabis and proves that these prohibitive policies are far more about personal politics than public health.The below video is a fantastic summary of what’s going on currently and what the future holds, get it watched its well worth it. is a larger text summary of the campaignhttp:// is the facebook group everyone should get involved in, or at least join. campaign’s website below, The actual document itself can be found on the homepagehttps:// Police force in the country has been sent this document a couple of days ago and today it will be sent to every single MP in the country. Part of the youtube video above explains why if they ignore they are personally liable for there actions.Please have a read and watch over this stuff people, it’s huge. I’m not the best person to be answering your guy’s questions as I’ve only just recently got involved, but I’m posting this because I can’t believe I’ve not seen any mention of it around here as of yet. The videos/links/the document itself will answer your questions.As one of the founding members, Guy Coxall said, This is a big game of chess and this document puts them in check. via /r/uktrees

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