I think it’s time for something to be done

Posted on mobile, sorry for formatting.Cannabis remains illegal and is heavily prohibited in the UK and Ireland.The lack of action and research by elected officials is staggering, with most having no clear knowledge of the substance they continue to berate and stigmatise. Each time the issue is raised, the home office strikes it down with a harsh generic response, stating how harmful and volatile cannabis is for mental and physical health. A blatant disregard for the evidence, facts and scientific analysis coming from other countries that have already taken steps is foolish and embarrassing.This topic gets me very riled up, cannabis remains in a limbo state and the public is suffering for it. Incredibly easy to get, however completely illegal. At some point we the people need to take things further, signing online petitions and having a smoke together in public parks once a year for 4/20 isn’t working.Sorry for rambling here, but I’m getting to my real question for you today. What can we do?How can we really have our voices heard, what do we need to do for our elected representatives to actually listen to us? I would love to hear any suggestions, no matter your opinion on the topic.Thanks for reading my ramblings <3I am also starting some social media pages to help raise awareness, I will not ask you to follow them here, as I want to grow these pages through world or mouth, posters and stickers that I'm going to put up on my travels, allthough I hope to see you on then someday. Cheers! via /r/uktrees https://www.reddit.com/r/uktrees/comments/jp69kh/i_think_its_time_for_something_to_be_done/?utm_source=ifttt

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