Stuck between having another T-break, or just stopping.. :(

Hi,Ive been smoking solid for 12 years now, bong smoker, splees don’t do anything for me. I must have hit thousands of bongs over the years, I use baccy to. Its got to a point where i deffo need at least a break, my tolerance is peaked.Does anyone else (long term stoners) feel weed is effecting your mental health? I can feel it fucking with my head, whenever i get to this point (smoking so much, dont get high, need a break) i always get more anxious, depressed, like my mind is just sick of it. After a few days off, i always feel amazing. After a week or 2, my mind then starts to really crave the sweet Mary Jane, and i repeat the whole cycle.But it gets worse each time, yesterday i was just crying at my desk, no idea why, i just felt so depressed. Haven’t stopped smoking yet, finishing current supplies. But part of me thinks, thc is fucking my brain, and if i keep going, it will go down a dark road..Anyone experience anything similar, any mental health things you think may be weed related?Cheers via /r/uktrees

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