The cons of wake and bake

This is just a quick lil reader on my opinions on waking and baking (also generally smoking throughout the day) and I would be up for a discussion on it or if anyone else wants to add something please do :)I started lockdown like most users on this forum with a waking up and having a Zoot, and soon realised that it really wasn’t beneficial for me. I’m a university student who came back to find all my exams had been cancelled due to Covid-19 (9k down the drain) and I was stuck in the middle of the countryside without much of a purpose, which did cause problems in of itself. Throughout my university days I was smoking a lot, too much I would say, and when I went home I was still in this rather naive university mindset of preferring to be bored and stoned, rather than just bored. This led to me waking up in the morning and taking the dog for a walk (my parents still don’t know I smoke) and bringing a spliff with me at around 11am. I would have a lovely spliff in the Sussex’s beautiful countryside and listen to some funky tunes and always enjoy it. As you do… The problem was that it happened day after day, and was fun all the time, however later in the day it was a problem.Its this repetitive spiral which I wanna talk about because after a couple of week, where most days I started it by getting high I suddenly realised that I wasn’t enjoying getting high by myself anymore. I felt shit come 3/4pm as It was starting to wear off, and didnt want to have another spliff, so I was tired with nothing to show for my day since I spent it all high fucking about playing video games etc. I hated the fact that throughout the day I couldn’t look my (so incredibly kind) mother in the eyes because I feared she would see that they were bloodshot. So every day after I brought the dog back I would slink off into my room and remain there, slightly paranoid to emerge downstairs and comfortable in my little den.I know this isn’t what the majority of posts on this forum are about, but I’m just letting my voice be heard about the cons associated with smoking, because as much as I enjoy it, there are a lot.Now I’m back at university again (more money being wasted on tuition fees with online courses) and I have cut down considerably. Often having 2-3 spliffs a week. I enjoy having my short term memory back, higher emotional capability and a drive to do something throughout the day.Hopefully this little thought has made you want to write about some experiences with zooting yourself 🙂 via /r/uktrees

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