I wrote to my MP about reducing restrictions around medical cannabis in the UK. They got back to me in less than 6 hours and are taking the issue to the Minister of Health.

Im really impressed to be honest. I didn’t really expect a reply and here they are getting back in a few hours, being fully supportive and taking the issue to Matt Hancock.My main points were around allowing those with a script to grow at home, the advantages of US style dispensaries, the extortionate price of the medical market currently and the supply issues patents face in the UK medical market.You should consider sending a letter to your MP. I’ve been blown away by the response and it is very easy using this website to find your MP and write to them about anything you fancy (pushing for fewer limiting restrictions in medical cannabis laws would be lovely though!) https://ift.tt/1fuceao via /r/uktrees https://ift.tt/3sgb4KM