Amnesia Haze wow!

So my guy came through with some EXQUISITE Amnesia Haze, which has made this lockdown more bearable lol, this is what I have been up to while waiting patiently for the storm to pass 🙂 xHaving Autism has made my life tricky, cannabis has often helped me to put jack back in the box for a few hours when it comes to anxiety and overthinking etc. It makes me even more creative too, and it is helping me organize myself and my ideas as I work towards some form of additional income, you know, making my life better and more fulfilling. Yesterday I was actually able to focus on doing some artwork, something I am very passionate about and I intend to actually become a proper artist now and explore the skills I do have instead of chasing lost dreams. Pot helps me focus my mind, stops me flitting between tasks, and actually get tasks completed!. I also suffer a lot with women’s cycle problems and pain, and weed has been a godsend, sometimes it is the difference between a day in bed and a day at the art table!.Weed is love, enough said!Peace 🙂 xxx​ with those ‘cyclones’ things lol, the ‘Black Widow’ ones were fun, even got that little mouthpiece thing with them lol. via /r/uktrees