thank you to this sub for improving my life

last week, i was adamant that i wanted to quit smoking weed for various reasons, including that it is a simply a culprit for my acne prone skin and for the negative side effects — i was ready to better myself whilst lurking r/leaves. however, it’s tier 5 and it’s fucking hard. and i do like smoking weed (obviously). so i wanted to compromise a deal. juxtaposing browsing r/leaves to r/uktrees, i’ve noticed there is an anti-tobacco narrative here. so i thought, mhmm.. i haven’t smoke a joint in about two years — i began smoking weed with tobacco when i moved to the netherlands for a study abroad). funnily enough, on my first date night with my ex boyfriend i had prepared a joint but it didn’t burn well. he said why don’t you put tobacco in it, it burns better. cue my two year journey on smoking spliffs and loving, i have quit tobacco a week ago and i have noticed i have not gotten any new spots (an achievement for me), my skin looks a lot more healthier and my acne scars are fading. i feel fresh minded when i wake up in the morning (less drowsy/slow), i do not suffer from light headedness or heart palpitations (a main factor as to why I pretty much had to quit cannabis), my period cramps are better (according to tobacco makes them worse). so, i’m here to genuinely say thank you. i’ve had a tough time with my skin and my lightheadedness to the point where i have been to the doctors for both issues. i thought it was stress, lack of fresh air, diet.. i have trailed so many skin care routines and nothing worked like magic like quitting tobacco. i never thought stumbling onto this sub would greatly improve my life.i’ve noticed i have less of an addiction to smoking and i smoke and roll less — i didn’t realise that i was actually dependent on tobacco. that may seem like a duh moment, as nicotine is addictive and i smoked spliffs everyday but i convinced myself i really just fucking love weed. removing tobacco has re-introduced me to the natural serenity that is weed so thank you to you all. i wish you all happiness and… i hope you stumble across some free weed too. via /r/uktrees