my experience with ‘thc eliquids’

after getting back into weed again i’d always wanted to try vaping and so when my dealer was selling an eliquid for 30 quid i was skeptical but still tried it anyway. the high was weird, at first it lasted as decent amount of time but could get very intense and visual highs, i always found the highs to have a weird edge and feeling of uncomfortableness to them. i ignored the realistic part of me and assumed it was due to the concentration of thc with no cbd, eventually i realised it wasn’t after when i was sober i’d found my anxiety had peaked and paranoia with that. every time i’d start smoking and stop vaping i’d really enjoy the high but also found i was much better mentally during the day where i wouldn’t smoke (only at night) i recently decided instead of waiting and buying a cart plus a test kit, i’d buy a pax 3 which have worked out very well. so just be careful, don’t do what i did cause honestly chemical weed is pretty grim shit to be honest, i mean i’m fairly certain it was spice i ended up smoking. via /r/uktrees