I am getting genuinely concerned about the direction the UK cannabis scene is heading. Most bud what people buy is safe, but oils and concentrates from the black market can be risky.

Don’t get me wrong, I bought the vape oil and I have also bought bud that had some questionable quality’s. These days I’m a little more diligent with what I buy and who I buy from. I haven’t touched the vape oil on years.There is a genuine problem with people who use these products without knowing the risks. I had a friend who has a seizure last month after vaping a few ml of ‘THC’ oil. It could’ve killed him. Fuck knows what was actually in that.People need to be careful around these things and in general, you never know what your buying. I know it is mainly an elswhere for the moment, but the shit they spray on weed and the things they put on it to make it stronger in European countries.These scum will do anything to make money from you and minimise costs for themselves so be careful with what you buy. I know most aren’t daft, but this is for anyone who simply doesn’t know how bad that shit is.The stupid thing is about the entire situation, the issue lies in the legality, It’s as simple as that. Everyone knows the power is handed to the criminals when you criminalise somthing. So by that logic the very fact it is illegal makes it more dangerous than it needs to be.Tl;DR weed doesn’t hurt people, illegal weed hurts people. via /r/uktrees https://ift.tt/3cCB6lh