It makes me feel sad that I’m so paranoid about growing weed. :(

Why tf should we feel like criminals? I just don’t get it lol. Who is the victim in this crime? I’ve decided to finally grow my own. I been smoking over a decade and spent thousands. I could be saving money. Plus it actually annoys me when I see my plug in his nice Audi, the guys never paid tax in his life. Surely it’s better to grow my own. And I’m fed up with buying shit weed. Yes sometimes I get shit weed, I’m an addict so I still smoke it. I’m wasting my money on trash weed!I’m starting to get paranoid that the smell might get too loud when in flower n harvest but like damn it’s just a plant ? What am I doing that’s so wrong I don’t get it. I use weed to escape my emotional pain, and a medical condition which brings physical pain, how sad is that? But they still want to treat me like a criminal? Cos I want to feel better? Well lock me up and throw away the key!Have u guys heard of the cancard? Seems to be a good start.Sorry for the rant but man society is a little backwards. I feel like here is the only place I might be understood.Btw I do know that if I get caught I’m looking at fines, maybe community service or some kinda drug course ect… nothing major I know but still I will be arrested. That’s not cool. Why u gonna lock me in a cell for growing a plant lol? via /r/uktrees