Spice is flooding the UK. Tips for telling if your smoking/vaping spice and a plan for any current accidental or purposeful spice addicts to get off as pain free as possible.

This is the cycle of every spice user I know. Short high, high euphoria, low price and easy to convince self its weed. The cycle: Question it the first time but enjoying it -> using daily due to convinience -> you start to enjoy this more than weed / just as much / in my friends case he loved the almost disso effects when at extreme doses -> chaining 15 in a row every night before bed (big 2ml tank, high watts clearing through a tank an evening and vaping all day) -> waking up to vape in the middle of night. -> finally realising it’s not weed.Spice is problematic because it could be any one of 1000s of chemicals so each one has there own positives and negatives. But most are full agonists to the cannabinoid receptors rather than the partial agonist of weed. I don’t know what this means other than it most likely makes it neurotoxic and have physical withdrawal symptoms. Some feel almost exactly like weed at low doses, others are more psychedelic and dissociative.I’m making this post as 2 people close to me were addicted and 3 people that I know loosely have vaped it without knowing. It also happened to me two years ago with vape juice. I have talked to 3 accidental spice users on here in 2 days, and I barely scroll through this sub anymore.Even the most experienced stoner can be deceived because it can be sprayed onto bud (I had only heard of this happening in Germany until today from the RC sub being bombarded with questions) until today where I just talked to a guy who reported exactly what is to be expected from laced weed. I’ve asked him to send it for testing but it’s a big step and most people don’t (I didn’t I just binned it). https://ift.tt/3cLgwk3 can be added to a vape mix of with cannabis terps/flavourings/thickeners(not seen this last one personally). Some is just added to normal ejuice / unflavoured ejuice and that is much easier to spot.The ejuice problem is seriously bad in my area and apparently flows freely through highschools and most don’t have any other experiences but this.Tips to spot spice?For bud your looking for a chemical aftertaste and a shorter / more intense / possibly psychedelic high but not necessarily psychedelic.Vape juice is harder and easier depending how they make it and the price it’s sold. 10ml for 20-30£ thin and I’m willing to bet at 85% certainty it’s synthetic, even if it tastes like a strain.Anything that is clear (mainly if its thin due to delta-8 being sold cheaply legally in the us for a while and now it’s more controlled its being exported, but d8 is more mild and matches THC juice in that its usually thick).Anything without a strain name but instead a flavour ‘bubblegum’ ‘strawberry’ ‘blue fusion’ etc.Things to do if your not sure. Send a small sample to WEDINOS testing. It’s free and it will ease your mind if it is legit and force your hand if it is not.My advice for current spice users?Make THC vape juice in carts (make em strong or weak up to you) your gonna be sad how many ml you get. Buy a 0.5ml ceramic cart. 1G wax (25-40£) makes like 2-5 carts depending on method (you can make em way weaker and use in bigger vapes too but doesn’t work as well imo).https://ift.tt/39zSG8L used method 1, 2, 4 and 5 tried one made with 3 but it tasted like it was made with abv. I prefer 2 and the PEG mix for 5. With that I used to make some 200mg/ml stuff for a big tank with only the shatter flavouring. Mixed the peg mix with 1:1 shatter and added pure PG to that mixture and it stayed mixed.Next you wanna be buying some CBD vape juice for the compulsive vape habit you have most likely picked up. Also slightly anti-anxiety, cheap and available legally in UK. You can get a 1g of CBD isolate vape juice (10-20ml of juice depending on strength) for less than 30. Or buy 1G of CBD isolate for around 15-20 and just drop that in normal flavoured ejuice (200mg/ml is my preference, 50-100 works).Tldr. Buy / make real weed carts to get high. Use CBD vape juice when you want to compulsively hit your vape.Edit: forgot to mention there are large batches of hash that are also adulterated. Mostly in Europe but I believe it was the Mercedes stamp and McDonald stamp. via /r/uktrees https://ift.tt/3mgNLPj